iPhoto scripts and helpers

iPhoto scripts and helpers
Mac Tip #147/28-April-2004

iPhoto is a great piece of software for most people, but sometimes you just wish it could do a bit more or more easily.

Assigning keywords to photos is good — you can mark out the cat photos, your holiday photos and great-grandma’s hundredth birthday pictures. Choose Show Keywords from the Photos menu (in iPhoto 4) and then click half a dozen things.


Or get hold of Keyword Assistant which makes it all easier.

Do you still use iPhoto 2? Version 4 is much quicker, but if you have version 2 you can speed things up by using different Libraries of photos. That’s not very easy to do, unless you get iPhoto Buddy which lets you switch between Libraries incredibly easily.

Applescript is built-in to your Mac and can do all kinds of things for you. There are scripts specially for iPhoto to show you the original picture in the Finder, to make talking cards and more.

Be sure to visit Apple’s iPhoto Support page for tips, tutorials and general help and information.

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