Create albums

Create albums
Mac Tip #145/14-April-2004

Once you have some pictures in your iPhoto Library you may want to group some of them together — let’s say all the photos of cats, all the photos of dogs, and all the photos of the garden.

Dragging pictures in iPhoto.

Dragging pictures in iPhoto.

To do this you can create “albums”. I’d create three albums:

  1. cats
  2. dogs
  3. garden

There are of course several ways to do this.

I might start by selecting the cat photos I took recently. I click on one photo and hold down the Command (Apple) key while I click on the others.

Now I can drag one to the side and all I’ve selected will go along too. When I drop the collection on the side a new album will magically appear. The screenshot shows this.

The screenshot also shows that as I drag the group of photos I can see a transparent thumbnail of the first one I selected, a green circle with a plus sign and a red circle with the number 5 in it. These symbols tell me I’m adding five photos.

Now I have a new album called “Album-1 (5)”. I can drag more photos onto that album or I can select a photo in the album and press Delete to remove the photo from the album.

Deleting a photo from an album doesn’t delete it from the iPhoto Library.

What about photos of cats in the garden, or with the dog? They belong in two or even three albums. Not a problem: just drag the photo into another album. A photo can easily be in more than one album.

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