Use Save As

Mac Tip #131/10-Dec-2003
Use Save As

Last week I suggested switching off Fast Save in Microsoft Word. Another important saving tip, for Word and other software, is to sometimes choose Save As (in the File menu).

Save As does a more thorough save than just Save. Save As also allows you to choose a new name and a new location for the file if you want.

Because Save As does a more thorough save it can help iron out potential problems and prevent files from becoming corrupt. It can also reduce the size of the file, making it better for sending by email.

If you write long documents Save As is also handy for making backups as you go. I might work like this for example:

Start writing my great novel on 01 December 2003 and save: mynovel01122003.doc.

On 02 December I open that file and choose Save As: mynovel02122003. This immediately gives me both a fresher copy of the file and a backup. If this copy becomes corrupt (or I make and save some dreadful mistake) then I can at least go back to the 01 December copy.

Then on 03 December I Save As: mynovel03122003.

It’s easy to incorporate this kind of process into your working style.

On a recent project involving a lot of writing I would in fact choose Save As a couple of times per day and give the file a new name. By the time I finished the project I had a dozen or two copies of the work in its various stages of progress. Once the project was over I just trashed them.

And don’t worry about filling up your computer. Unless you’re making movies or music or have a very old Mac you’re not likely to fill it up by working on one project.

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