Use Get Info to rename a file

Use Get Info to rename a file
Mac Tip #128/19-Nov-2003

Sometimes you have a file or folder on your hard drive which has the wrong name. It’s easy to rename a file, and of course there are several ways to do this.

Click on the file and press Return. This should activate the name area and allow you to type in any changes. Finish by pressing Return.

If you have trouble with that then use Get Info to do it. Click once on the File in the Finder to select it and go to the File menu. Now choose Get Info. There will be various items of information in this window depending on which version of the operating system you have.

You should however be able to see the name and change it. If necessary click the disclosure triangle beside “Name and Extension” (Mac OS X) if you need to. When the triangle points downward you can see the text area containing the name.

Close the Get Info window when you’ve finished making changes.

Be careful not to try to change the name of a document you currently have open as this can cause problems.

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