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Update: oThe MacTips mailing list no longer exists. The following information is of historical interest only. To subscribe to the Feedburner emailed version of the Tips please look for the subscribe link near the top of the Home Page.

Visit the MacTips Subscription page to join or leave the mailing list. This puts you directly in charge of the subscription software and requests will take effect immediately. This is by far your best choice.

If you can’t do that for some reason then email mactips-on (to join) or mactips-off (to leave) and put your email address in the subject of the message. This message goes to a human being (me) and although I aim to act promptly on requests there may be a delay of several days if I’m busy or out of town.

To change addresses, visit the subscription page or send a Subscribe message from your new address and an Unsubscribe from your old.

Update: outdated links removed.

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