Install Software

Install Software
Mac Tip #118/10-Sept-2003

Last week’s Tip mentioned downloading files, including software.

Usually that simply involves clicking a link on a web page. Some of my clients though find the confusing part starts once the file arrives on their desktop.

Let’s say you downloaded Safari, as suggested in the last Tip. After waiting for the file to download you should see something called safari.dmg on your desktop.

Safari.dmg is a “disk image”. It’s pretending to be a floppy disc.

Double click it and you should see it contains an installer “package”.

Double click that and it will take you through the installation process. You’ll need to supply the password for your Mac. Be sure to read any instructions about installing.

Once the software’s successfully installed you should see an icon for Safari in your Applications folder. Drag it onto the Dock for easy access.

These days most software includes instructions about how to install it. Sometimes you just have to drag an icon into your Applications folder, while at other times you may simply double-click an icon and follow instructions.

If you’re asked for a password in the process then under OS X that’s usually your computer’s password.

If you have to enter a serial number then that will be the one you were given when you bought the software. If it’s shareware which allows you to try the software before paying then there’s usually some kind of “Try Me” or “Demo” button.

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