Mac Tip #111/23-July-2003

Whether you’re a “Niner” or a “Tenner” this Tip’s for you.

Sometimes you just want to jot down a quick note and keep it somewhere handy. This is where Stickies come in. These small notes don’t need saving, you can dot them around your screen as reminders and they come in a variety of colours.

On Mac OS 9 (and earlier) you should fine the Stickies under the Apple menu. Under Mac OS X look for them in your Applications folder. Start up Stickies and you’re likely to see a few coloured windows appear on screen. If none do then go to the File menu and choose New Note. Now start typing.

To resize a note drag it by the bottom right corner. To close it use the Close box in the top left corner or go to the File menu and choose Close.

That’s about all there is to Stickies. No fancy formatting, margins and other troublesome features – just plain, simple notes.

Unless you have OS 9 or earlier (this doesn’t work in OS X). For a bit of fun make a new note and type “Antler!” (no speech marks) then hit return. A picture of a Moose should appear. Now, wasn’t that useless but fun!


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  1. Miraz Jordan said:

    Great comment Jim! You’d think there would be a setting in Preferences…

    Here’s what to do: Go to System Prefs (under the Apple menu) and choose Accounts.

    For your account click on the Login Items tab. In that tab click the + sign at the bottom of the list of things that will open when you start up your Mac.

    That causes an Open dialog box to appear. Choose the Stickies application from the Applications folder. That adds it to the list.

    Do the same for any other applications you want to start up when you boot your Mac.

    BTW: you could also just drag the Stickies icon into the box from the Applications folder in the Finder.

  2. jim carpenter said:

    I have been trying to figure out how to get my stickies to stay on the desktop at startup, any Ideas? That way I can have a list on the desktop that stays when I shutdown but is up when I boot. I know I can just click stickies, but YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE A STICKY BEFORE IT HELPS AS A REMINDER!!! lol
    Thanks… -Jim

  3. Belle said:

    Hi! I have a problem with my stickies application. When I open Stickies, none of my notes show up. So when I try to make a new note, nothing shows up, my desktop is empty. So I go to the windows menu and checked if i was making new notes, turns out i am, it’s just not showing, so i tried changing the color, tried arranging where it would show up, still nothing. Help?

  4. Miraz Jordan said:

    Hi Jo,

    the point about Stickies is that you don’t need to actually save them. Just type a note and then move on to whatever else you’re doing. Later when you need that info open or switch to Stickies and your note is still there.

    I think if you do actually save a note though it is saved as a text file.

  5. Jo said:

    I started up the stickies, and tried saving it on the desktop. When it is saved, it does not show as a stickie icon, but just a text file. Is this normal? Am I missing something?

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