Instant Web Page

Instant Web Page
Mac Tip #107/25-June-2003

If you have iPhoto you may be able to make a photo album web page with just one click.

Once you’ve imported photos into iPhoto you can create an Album (which is simply a group of photos which you’d like to associate with one another) by choosing New Album from the File menu. Now drag photos from the Library to that Album.

When you have your photos in an album connect to the Internet then select the Album and click the Homepage button at the bottom of the screen. If you have a .Mac account (US$100 per year) you can now make a couple of choices about the style of album and how many pictures should be in each row. When you’re done just click Publish.

[Update 2009: .Mac has been replaced by MobileMe, which includes easy ways to publish photo albums and web pages online. ]

After a few moments spent transferring your pictures you’ll see a message that your web page is ready and offering to take you to it.

Apple’s .Mac service is very interesting. It gives you free backup and anti-virus software and various other games and utilities.

You can find free music clips to use with iMovie (or iPhoto slideshows). There are support forums, training videos and plenty more that can make the annual subscription worthwhile.

And if you don’t have a .Mac subscription you can still make a web page by choosing Export from the File menu in iPhoto. Then you need to transfer all the files to a server somewhere.

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