Fun with iPhoto

Fun with iPhoto
Mac Tip #106/18-June-2003

This Tip is only for Tenners as iPhoto won’t run on OS 9. If you have a digital camera, do lots of scanning, or in some other way deal with a number of digital images iPhoto is your excuse for buying that shiny new Mac with Mac OS X.

iPhoto is Apple’s software aimed at the ordinary Mac user who has a digital camera.

With my first digital cameras and using Mac OS 8 and 9 there was all kinds of tedious messing around to get photos out of the camera and into my Mac. I had to install special software, set various settings, buy software to handle the photos, be sure to plug in the camera first then start the software. Oh, it all took dedication …

With Mac OS X however you plug in your camera and sit back while iPhoto handles all the tricky stuff.

iPhoto is now at version 2 and it’s worth upgrading (it’s free) if you have the older version 1.

So, to have some fun with iPhoto just plug in your camera to your Mac and switch on the camera (to playback).

iPhoto should now pop open and offer to import the pictures. Click Import. After a moment or two you’ll see that the photos from the camera have been added to your Library.

Now select a photo and click the Share button. Click Mail (or Email in version 2) at the bottom of the window and choose Small from the pop-up in the dialog box. Then click the Compose button.

Before you know it your picture will have been resized suitable for emailing and attached to a blank email message. All you have to do now is fill in the address and write a message then click Send.

Note: if you use version 1 of iPhoto it’s locked in to using Apple’s Mail program. If, like me, you prefer Eudora or another program then version 2 uses the one that’s set in your systemwide preferences.

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