Inserting Blank CDs in OS X

Inserting Blank CDs in OS X
Mac Tip #100/07-May-2003

Make a CD explained how to backup to CD in OS X.

That Tip mentioned that when you insert the blank CD a window pops up on screen and asks what you want to do.

You can control what happens when you insert CDs and DVDs by going to the CDs and DVDs System Preference. Go to the Apple menu and open System Preferences then click on the CDs and DVDs pane.

Take a look at the various choices you can make for different types of CDs and DVDs by looking at the pop-up for each one. Choose the settings which suit your way of using your Mac.

If you don’t understand what the various choices mean then I suggest you set it to Ask you what to do on inserting a blank CD or DVD and to Open iTunes for music CDs, iPhoto for picture CDs and DVD Player on inserting video DVDs.

If your Mac can’t use DVDs then you might not find any reference to them.

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