More on copying files

More on copying files
Mac Tip #92/12-March-2003

In Moving a Folder or File I wrote about ways to copy and move files. This mostly involved dragging the file around. Another way you can make a copy of a file is simply to duplicate it. From the Finder click once on the icon for the file or the folder, go to the File menu and choose Duplicate.

This will make a copy of your file or folder and add the word copy to the name. In OS 9 your Mac is likely to add the word Copy to the very end of the file name. If I copied a file called “ipod.txt” I would end up with a file called “ipod.txt copy”.

In OS X, your Mac is much smarter. It puts the word copy in the middle of the file name in a sensible place. Thus my file called “ipod.txt” would end up called “ipod copy.txt”.

Now you can just rename the file and do whatever you like with it.

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