Using Function Keys

Using Function Keys
Eudora Tip #165/5-Feb-2003

Depending on a range of factors your Mac might have the Function keys set up to achieve certain tasks. Cut, copy, paste and undo are often linked to F1, F2, F3 and so on. You’ll need to test them to see what’s linked to which key. You might also be using them to achieve certain actions such as opening software or documents.

If you wish, you can also link certain Eudora actions to the Function keys. Go to Eudora’s Special Menu and choose Settings. Scroll to the Toolbar section and look at the Function Keys section.

If you show the Toolbar and check both boxes: Map function keys to buttons, and Show function key labels, you’ll now find that the first button on your Toolbar can be triggered by F1, the second by F2 and so on.

This worked perfectly for me on my iMac with OS 9.2.2 once I’d gone to the Keyboard Control Panel — Function keys and unchecked the box about using hot function keys. On an iBook with 10.1.5 it also worked perfectly with no messing about. On my Powerbook though with OS X 10.2.3 it didn’t work, but I have a number of utilities which claim those keys for themselves.

Depending on your setup this might or might not work well for you with Eudora.

And remember, Eudora Tip #53/27-Sept-2000 (Tune up the Toolbar) explained how to add and remove buttons on the Toolbar.

If you need to move a button to a new location on the Toolbar just hold down Command and Control and drag the button.

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