Look at the Pictures

Look at the Pictures
Mac Tip #86/29-Jan-2003

Last week’s Tip was about using Internet Explorer to look at certain pictures.

Subscriber Brian reminded me to mention Graphic Converter, a superb piece of shareware from Thorsten Lemke.

Graphic Converter is a powerful graphics editor that can display pictures of virtually any kind, convert them to other formats and do a huge range of editing tasks.

If you handle pictures in any way, you might find this program is just what you need. You can download it and try it free to see if it does what you need.

iPhoto and Preview

If you use OS X you already have two pieces of software that do much of what most people need, and there’s a third free one which I use daily.

For starters, iPhoto, included with Mac OS X, makes a great job of organising and viewing photos. It also offers some editing and a number of publishing possibilities.

If all you want to do is look at a picture you’ve received then iPhoto might be more trouble than you care to go to.

For quick views of pictures (and some other files) Preview does a good job. Locate the Preview icon in your Applications folder and drop one or more pictures or PDFs onto it.

[Update 2009: these days Preview is also a good application for editing images.]

For an even quicker view of pictures download PicturePop. This brilliant piece of free software instantly shows you any picture or pictures on which you control-click.

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