Passwords Part Three

Passwords Part Three
Mac Tip#58/05-June-2002

Tip 57 explained one way to use the Keychain to store passwords.

Some software can directly use passwords stored in the Keychain — for me that includes Eudora (email software), Interarchy (file transfer software), and Opera (a great web browser which I now prefer to Internet Explorer).

If the software you use doesn’t automatically fetch a needed password though, you can go and get it yourself.

First open up the Keychain Access (see last week’s Tip). You’ll see a list of all the names you have stored.

Click once on one of them and then click on the Get Info button at the bottom of the window. This brings up a small get Info window where you can see all kinds of useful information. The password itself isn’t visible. Just click on the View Password button though and there it is.

Note that you might be asked for your overall Keychain password in order to access individual keychain items.

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