About this [Application]

About this [Application]
Mac Tip#39/23-Jan-2002

It’s long been standard on a Mac that the first item under the Apple menu gives you information about the software that’s currently running. If you’re reading this as an email you’re probably currently running Eudora or Outlook Express. If you go to the Apple Menu now (under OS 9 and earlier) you’ll see the first item says: About Eudora or About Outlook Express.

If you choose that item you’ll be given a splash screen which probably gives the name of the software, maybe a version number, perhaps information about the company or team who created it, and maybe even a link to the website. It might perhaps also provide your registration number if that’s relevant.

If you’re in the Finder then that first item will give information about installed RAM, which version of the Operating System you have and other items. See Tips 27, 28 and 29.

To get rid of the Splash Screen again just click on it, or click the OK button if it has one.

Under OS X things work slightly differently: the first item under the Apple menu *always* gives you the “About this Mac” information. You can find the details of the specific software you’re running under the new Application Menu, just to the right of the Apple Menu.

So, next time someone asks which version of some software (application) you’re using, go to the Apple (Classic OS) or Application (OS X) menu.

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