Text Clippings

Text Clippings
Eudora Tip #110/05-Dec-2001

Macs are magical computers. There’s so much a Mac can do which speeds your work and makes life a little easier.

Take Text Clippings for instance. Many pieces of software allow you to select some text and drag it to the Desktop. Once it gets there it shows up with a clipping icon and it takes it name from the first few words.

If you double-click it it opens up to reveal the text you’d dragged.

You can’t edit that text in the clipping, but you can drag the clipping into an open document window of many applications to insert the text.

Eudora is one of those applications.

Try selecting the text of one paragraph from this email and drag that selection to your Desktop. You might need to switch to the Finder before it shows up as an icon. Now switch back to Eudora and make a new message then drag the clipping into it. There’s your paragraph!

It’s not just Eudora either. You can create a clipping from Eudora and later drag it into an open document window from Microsoft Word or Appleworks for example.

So, this means that if you have some standard pieces of text you want to use regularly in your Eudora email you can make them into clippings and just drag them into your messages as you need them.

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