Application Switcher Options

Application Switcher Options
Mac Tip#25/17-Oct-2001

The Application Switcher is the item at the extreme right-hand end of the Menu Bar. I wrote about it in Tip #24.

[Update 2009: In Mac OS X use the Dock to switch between applications.]

Mac OS 9

If you don’t like always running your mouse down that menu you can turn it into a little toolbar and just click on buttons.

First you have to tear it off. Point to the Application Menu in the menu bar, press your mouse button down and drag straight down through the menu and off the bottom. When you do this the Application Switcher will “tear off” and turn into a separate floating palette or toolbar with buttons.

Now you can switch between running applications by simply clicking on the relevant button.

Move the Toolbar by dragging its top Title Bar or by dragging an edge. Close it by clicking in the Close box in the top left corner.

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