Sherlock Digs Deeper

Sherlock Digs Deeper
Mac Tip #07/13-June-2001

Last week we used Sherlock to find a document whose name we knew, but sometimes we can’t remember its name or any other useful information, except maybe that we mentioned the word Ygdrasil somewhere inside it*.

Sherlock can handle this too, but you need to set it up first, by indexing the drive. When you do this Sherlock goes through your whole computer and makes a big catalogue of all the files. Then when you need to look for that document containing the word Ygdrasil, quick as anything, Sherlock can tell you where it is.

Open up Sherlock, go to the Find Menu and choose Index Volumes … . In the window which comes up click once on the icon for your hard drive and choose the button called Create Index. (It might be called Update Index if your hard drive has been indexed before.) This brings up a small warning that it can take quite a while. Click the button called Index and go and have a cup of tea.

Once that’s finished you can start searching with Sherlock for the Contents of a file.

Open up Sherlock and type in Ygdrasil (or whatever it is you’re looking for). Now be sure to check the Contents radio button just below where you’ve typed your word then press Return. A short time later Sherlock will show you what it’s found.

Tip: index your hard drive every day to keep things up to date.

* Yggdrasil. The world tree in Nordic myth.

ALERT: The Mac doesn’t have many viruses but a new one does show up every now and again. There’s a new one around called Mac.Simpsons@mm. It appears to open Outlook Express or Entourage and send a copy of itself with the original message to everyone in the user’s address book. The title of the script is “Simpsons Episodes”. This virus does not appear to be particularly malicious. Find full information here:

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