The Apple Help Centre

The Apple Help Centre
Mac Tip #03/16-May-2001

The first Mac I bought came with a big manual full of information about how to use the mouse, how to make folders — all kinds of useful stuff in fact.

These days when you buy computer hardware or software you’re lucky to get a skinny 4 page booklet, and that’s normally just the license anyway.

Fear not, though, because your recent Mac actually has built-in Help. Go to the Finder and locate the Help item on the menu bar. Choose the Help Center. [Update 2009: Help is now available from any application on your Mac, not just the Finder.]

A window comes up with a list of topics on the right. Click once on Mac Help and the window changes to have the list of topics on the left. Choose one of those topics and another list of subtopics will come up on the right. Click one of those and you’re in business!

If you’re new to computers I suggest you begin with the Basics topic and then move on to the Shortcuts and Tips.

Other useful topics for starters are: Files and Programs, Printing, Preventing and Solving Problems.

The Help Center is very extensive these days and is a good first place to start looking for information.

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