Using the Eudora Applescript

Using the Eudora Applescript
Eudora Tip #78/25-Apr-2001

In Australia and New Zealand Anzac Day (25 April), is the main day of remembrance for the fallen in all wars. On 25 April 1915 Australian and New Zealand forces (Anzacs) landed at Anzac Cove, Turkey, for a battle which killed 28,000 immediately and 250,000 by the time it was over on December 19.

And the problem with messages like these is that you might not want to follow up the URLs straight away and you mark the message unread so that you can remember to come back to it later. Which brings us back to the Applescript mentioned last week to achieve just that.

Open Tip 77 (and leave it open) and copy the Script I gave at the end of the message. Now find the Script Editor on your Mac (Sherlock will help) and open it up. Below the Record, Stop and Run buttons paste the script.

Click the Check Syntax button and the Script Editor should now format it using underlining and different colours and various indentations.

Now click the Run button. Your Mac should pause for a moment while the Run button glows green, then the button will go grey again.

Switch to Eudora and close Tip 77. Note how its status has been set to Unread.

Go back to the Script Editor and Save your script. Give it a useful name. In the drop-down Format: box below the name be sure to choose Classic Applet and for the moment save the script on your desktop.

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