Autocorrect Dictionary

Autocorrect Dictionary
Eudora Tip #69/07-Feb-2001

In Tip #67 I wrote about using the address book to provide a Glossary function. If you are a subscriber to the TidBITS newsletter you’ll also know about Eudora’s Autocorrect dictionary which can make life simpler for poor typists such as me who are constantly typing words like t e h and w h i h c.

If you download and install the dictionary Adam Engst makes available you can watch Eudora magically correct these typos in front of your eyes.

And then, you can get in to the dictionary and add your own entries so that short mnemonics can be expanded into longer phrases.

There are two problems to watch out for though: if you enter a mnemonic with initial capital letters, then the whole phrase uses capitals. This means that something like FBA would expand to FIRST BITE OF THE APPLE rather than First Bite of the Apple.

The second problem is when you want to make deliberate typos such as mine above—I’ve put spaces between the letters so Eudora doesn’t automagically fix the words.

Check out *both* these URLs for the full story and the dictionary:



SPECIAL NOTE: Next week I head off to Samoa for two weeks to run a training course. While I’m away I have effectively no access to the Internet and so Eudora Tips will take a break for a couple of weeks. The next Tip will come to you in the first week of March

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