Labelling Messages

Labelling Messages
Eudora Tip #57/08-Nov-2000

Sometimes I want a particular message to stand out in the list of messages in a mailbox. When all the messages look the same, that’s a little hard.

Fortunately Eudora gives you the option of labelling messages. You can do this manually or with a filter.

To label a message manually first of all select it then click and hold on the message in the column immediately to the left of the Sender. From the pop-up list choose a colour. You have 15 colours and None to choose from so that should be enough.

But you can also label a message if it’s already open on screen:

Open a message and now click and hold in the area just below the stripy title bar. If you don’t get it at first just move the mouse a little and try again.

Once messages have been labelled you can group similarly labelled messages together (see the Sample Tip from September 1999), search by label, and, most importantly, simply spot those important messages.

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