Need a Magnifying Glass

Need a Magnifying Glass
Eudora Tip #54/04-Oct-2000

Adam Engst, author of the book Eudora for Windows and Macintosh, points out that it’s useful to be able to control the appearance within Eudora of messages other people send to you.

In Tip #52 I pointed out that you can send formatted messages if you choose (provided you do it with caution), but problems can come up when others send you formatted messages.

A particular problem is when you get messages from PC users, because text often looks bigger on their screens than on Mac screens. [There is an excellent TidBITS article which explains this. See below for the link.] Sometimes the PC users reduce the font size before they send and then we Mac users receive something totally unreadable without a magnifying glass.

To avoid this problem go to Special—Settings—Styled Text. In the section on When receiving styled mail pay attention to … deselect the boxes for Font and Size.

Adam’s Book, Eudora for Windows and Macintosh

TidBITS article Why Windows Web Pages Have Tiny Text

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