Backup your mail

Backup your mail
Eudora Tip #46/10-Aug-2000

Some of my clients send and receive 5 messages per week, others 500 messages per day. Some keep all messages they’ve ever sent or received, others trash all messages.

However you do email, there are certain things you should back up and others you might choose to back up. It is said that sooner or later you will lose your data — the only question is when. Files become corrupt, hard drives fail, accidents happen.

The very least thing everyone should back up is the Eudora Settings file. This contains all that information about POP accounts and user names, personalities, and, if you save it, your password.

From the Finder do a find on “Eudora Settings”. This is the crucial file. Make sure you get the original Settings file and not an alias of it.

Make a copy of it and store that copy somewhere safe: for example, a floppy, a Zip disc, an Internet backup service (if you’re security conscious you might like to encrypt it or password protect it first).

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