Sorting your mailboxes Part One

Sorting your mailboxes Part One
Eudora Tip #42/05-July-2000

Sometimes it would be easy to find what you’re looking for in a mailbox if only it were sorted by date, or name of sender, or subject.

Open any mailbox on screen and check out the menu bar. Under the Special Menu note the Sort submenu. Now you can choose to sort by date, sender etc.

For some of the mailing lists I’m on (such as TidBITS Talk— see Tip #41b) it’s particularly useful to Group Subjects. Eudora puts the subjects in alphabetical order while keeping messages on the same topic together, ignoring prefixes such as Re: or the handy list-specific prefixes many mailing lists use these days, such as [MV].

Each mailbox can be sorted in a different way.

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